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About Adrianne

Author Adrianne WoodAdrianne Wood is an East Coast transplant to the gorgeous Northwest. She’s the author of several romance novels.

Adrianne grew up outside Boston and went to school at Middlebury College, which was known for its strong creative writing department. By the time she graduated, Adrianne had written three novels, all of them possibly quite terrible. Adrianne managed to parlay her English degree and summers working at a bookstore into an actual job in book publishing, where she has been lucky to work with some of the finest and funniest people on the planet. After eight years in go-go-go New York City, she and her husband moved to Seattle, bought a lawnmower and grill, and promptly had a little girl.

More than twenty-five years after she wrote the first line of her first novel, Adrianne epublished two western romances in early 2012. Badlands Bride took off like a prairie wildfire, and Pocket Books acquired it and its sequel, Stowaway Bride, in spring 2012. Badlands Bride, Stowaway Bride, and Fugitive Bride are the three books in the Western Brides trilogy featuring high-society sisters who get into all kinds of trouble after they leave their comfortable homes and meet rugged men who challenge them in ways they’ve never experienced before.

Because she appreciates (and has lived through) the difficulties in finding true love in modern times, Adrianne has also written Mind Tricks, the first book in a planned contemporary romantic suspense series set on the coast of Maine.

Adrianne has cats who like to fight for space in her lap while she writes, and an insatiable appetite for Pringles and chardonnay (though not always at the same time).

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